Nevada County Virtual Tours

Aerial (Drone) Photography and Videography

Marketing the Aerial way!

Aerial, or Drone photography and Videography can bring your marketing to the next level. We utilize 4k cameras and drones with the most stable gimbals we’ve found. The result is super smooth video, and gorgeous aerial photos.

Why should you use drone photos and/or video?

Perhaps you have a large parcel of land, or maybe a horse facility? How about a large estate property? Multiple units in one listing? These are all excellent candidate for aerial photography! Viewing the property from above gives potential buyers a better feel for the layout of the land. It can showcase multiple buildings, beautiful landscaping, views and more. There really is no better way to show the lay of the land, than with aerial imaging.

An Aerial Alternative

We also offer Elevated Photography as well! Perhaps you have a listing that is on an upslope, or maybe it’s got a fabulous view behind it? If your listing or property isn’t suitable for drone photography, perhaps our elevated photography will be a better match! We are able to lift our 4k camera up to 20 feet in the air offering a better vantage point for some situations.

Coming Soon

We will be posting additional photos and video in the coming weeks, so please check back soon!